Save the Date for our First Annual AFRICATOWN Lantern Walk hosted by the MCTS Alumni Association on 11-19-2022. The Lantern Walk will be from 3:00 CST – 5:00 CST.

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What remarkable people our African ancestors were to survive the horrid Middle Passage, endure slavery, persevere under Jim Crow, and acquire voting rights to have them marginalized or taken away at worse.

Our elders were denied a formal education, and when provided education were given left over supplies and spaces. They were hired to perform in some of the worst working conditions and paid the lowest wages, while being the last to be hired and the first to be fired.

After slavery, our people were imprisoned more often and longer for similar crimes real or made up than other groups. Their health and living conditions were made worst by the lack of preventive services or access to services because of policies and unfair privileges.

And yet, God provided our people gifts of forgiveness and love to rise above all these setbacks. They were provided wisdom, a positive energy of determination, hope, grace, and healing for a better tomorrow. Our elders applied these gifts to the head, heart and hand of a younger generation to make their lives better. And these persons who were enlightened, were encouraged to go into the world and make a positive difference as a responsible citizen.

This epic journey from darkness to enlightenment was celebrated in a very special ceremony in my community called the “Africatown MCTS Lantern Walk.” And by acknowledging and replicating this historical experience, we have the opportunity to, reengage, give back, and thank our ancestors for their continual guidance again. Therefore, we “Call Their Name.”  

Anderson Flen