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Please check out on the United States Sports Academy website on the Mobile County Training School Alumni Association Black Oral History interviews and conversations. We have much to be proud on and much to share with the world. I believe our history is extremely important to share with others to know and learn the best of who we are, and what they can become. Check out coaches Horton and Clark as they share their thoughts on the best of Coach Charles T. Rhodes. The Untied States Sports Academy is a great partner in helping us to achieve our mission and vision to the world.

Black sports history link

YouTube page
Alabama Mosaic

Donate Today to the Million Dollar Legacy Fund.

Mrs. Valena McCants, Honorary Chairperson of the MCTS Million Dollar Legacy Fund.

The goal of the MCTS Million Dollar Legacy Fund is to do the following:

  • Hire a qualified Executive Director to head up the day to day operations for the Alumni and all major fundraising for the future
  • To develop programs and support activities that enhance educational opportunities for the community, grounded on the MCTS campus
  • To research, create and manage an Archive/Museum to house and showcase the many names, yearbooks, pictures, stories, artifacts and history of MCTS Alumni and all our descendants to the world
  • To create an endowment to sustain this legacy for years to com

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This website is designed and dedicated to capture both the memories and possibilities of all MCTS (high school) graduates, attendees, faculty, staff and supporters.Mission Statement The Mobile County Training School Alumni Association, a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting the history and achievements of the MCTS family, and its descendants, by documenting and recording, for posterity, the accomplishments and experiences of its family by awarding scholarships and publishing the Alumni experience to encourage others. Values The Assocaiation is commited to integrity, perseverance, transparency, and resiliency in pursuit of its mission. Vision Our goal is to share the MCTS Whippets story with the world.

US Senator Cory Booker Encourages Resistance while in Africatown to Study Regional Environmental Concerns

US Senator Cory Booker’s visit to Africatown spurred strong and encouraging words for the environmental justice resistance throughout the greater Mobile region.

Read more by clicking on this link & please forward widely:

The Mobile Environmental Justice Action Coalition was formed in 2013 with the mission to engage and organize with Mobile’s most threatened communities in order to defend the inalienable rights to clean air, water, soil, health, and safety and to take direct action when government fails to do so, ensuring community self-determination.