MCTS Membership Application

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The MCTS Alumni Association is a membership organization. The Membership Committee has setup guidelines for fees as follow:

Membership Options Price
Annual Individual Membership $10
Regular Life Membership $100
Bronze Life Membership $300
Silver Life Membership $400
Gold Life Membership $500

Please check choice of membership above:

All membership cards will be the same color.  All Life members will receive a Life Lapel Membership Pin and Lifetime certificate.

If a person is already a Life member and becomes a member of one of the other enhanced Life Membership categories, they need only pay the difference. Persons selecting one of the three enhanced memberships will receive the following enhancement(s) Bronze: Name on plaque in the Den; Silver, Name on plaque in Den and Logo MCTS Golf Umbrella; Gold, Name on plaque in Den, Logo Golf Umbrella, and Logo MCTS Windbreaker.

Name: ____________________________________________________________________


City:___________________________________ State:_______________ Zip:__________

Phone Number: ________________________Email: ________________________________


MCTS Middle School Attendee: Year(s)____________________.


Relative of a MCTS Alumni:  Name: ___________________________________________


Year Relative attended MCTS: ___________ Friend of the MCTS Mission: _________________

    All payments should be made out to MCTS Alumni Association

Remit Check or Money Order to:

MCTS Alumni

P.O. Box 10274

Prichard, Alabama 36610


Our MCTS History matters and we must stop allowing others to rewrite our history. Get involve and write our own history!!!